• elephants

    Herd of Elephants

  • Black rhinos in Kenya

    Black rhinos in Kenya

  • wildebeest

    wildebeest migration Kenya to Tanzania

  • giraffe

    giraffe - world's tallest animal

  • lion

    lion - The wild jungle king

  • zebra

    zebras - white-black stripped beautiful friendly mamal

  • cheetah

    cheetah - The world's fastest animal

  • all scenery budget accommodation

    accommodation - best customized for you

All Scenery Budget Safaris

At all scenery budget safaris, we are all about making our clients happy as they experience Africa's nature in its natural habitat. We offer Kenya safari, Tanzania safari, and Uganda safari to the most beautiful national parks for the best of wildlife experience. 

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Allscenery Safaris

All Scenery Budget Tours and Safaris is a tour operator in East Africa, specializing in giving you the best safari experiences, as we give you the best of  wild experiences across Kenya, Uganda  and Tanzania. We offer you customized packages that best suits your needs. For the Kenya Uganda and Tanzania safari we grant safaris for either country, or a combination of both. 

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Moi Avenue, Next to Nairobi Sports House
P.O. Box 7014 (00300), Nairobi, Kenya.
Email: info@allscenerybudgetsafaris.com / allscenerysafaris@gmail.com
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